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4 Nylon 6+Fiber
22" M801-PA

Yasuda M801-PA is circulation fan, 11" nylon 6 + fiber blades, the housing no worries about acid and alkali, whole fan waterproof, barrel design, air flow concentrated,large and wide wind fetch over 18m.
Model M801-PA
External Frame PP
Blades 22" 4 Nylon 6 + Fiber
Motor 1/3HP F
Pole 6P
Rotating Speed (Max.) 1050RPM / 1100RPM
Sound Volume (Max.) 65dB
Voltage 3∮220V,60Hz
Wind Fetch (Max.) 15m up
Size Φ58x W48cm
Weight 18kg

Notes: The sound volume data are detected from 3m near, and will be verified in different surrounding areas.

Application Photo