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Multifunctional Tool Cart Fan (Yellow)

  • Control PanelBuilt-In Design
  • Power Indicator
  • Fan Speed Regulator
    From 0 to Full Speed
  • Electric Shutters
    Swinging Left to Right to Create Wider Wind Fetch
  • Power of Fan
  • Power Socket
    (Custoimized Socket Available)
Product Description

Inverter multifunctional fan tool cart ultra-quiet wide-angle steplessly adjustable large air volume. The only Taiwanese factory direct selling manufacturer that exports to Europe, America and Japan.

Yasuda's variable frequency fan tool trolley can be stepless variable frequency speed regulation, not limited to remote control and fixed speed problems, The air volume can be adjusted according to the user's preference/environment. It is an ideal helper for industrial and commercial use.

The design of ultra-quiet guide cyclone blades allows you to enjoy the large air volume and quiet environment while using it. At present, the only three-level manually adjustable wind direction blinds on the market are matched with ultra-wide-angle wind direction electric blinds, and the measured 25M super-sensing air volume.

With the storage space above, there is no need to worry about finding tools or occupying space. The side design is easy to slide and move.

The overall appearance is powder-coated, super wear-resistant, stylish and beautiful.

Product Details
Model M704-FE
Type Portable
Material of Frame Iron Casing
Shutters(Yellow/ Black) Manual - Up/ Down Wind Direction Adjustment
Electric - Left/ Right Swinging
Fan Blades 28" 4 Nylon + Fiber Blades
Rotating Speed 850RPM
Motor 650W PMSM, Insulation Class F
Pole 16 Pole
Sound Volume(From 3m) 65dB
Voltage 1PH, 11V, 60HZ
(All Single Phase Voltage Optional)
Current 8.5A
Power Consumption 200-690 w/hr±10%
Wind Distance Up to 25m
Dimensions L101(with handle)xH109xD40.5 cm
Weight 36.5kg
Note: The volume data is for reference only, and the actual decibel value varies depending on the installation method and use environment.
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