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Exhaust Fan
54" Y600DN

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SMC products are never easy to manufacture and high in cost. It takes us days and days to design the mold and refine the process. But, to provide products with good quality, there's no other way.

Sheet Molding Compound

“Sheet Molding Compound” (SMC) is the most active forming method to make products from composite material.
Quantities of pre-mix materials are input into metal match mold after heated and pressured for solidification.

Product Details
Model 54" Y600DN
External Frame SMC Glass Fiber Housing
Fan Blades 50" 6 Nylon 6 + Fiber Blades
Rotating Speed 480RPM
Motor 1.5HP Grade F
Pole 12 Pole
Sound Volume 70dB
Voltage 3∮220V, 60Hz (Optional)
Air Volume 519CMM
Size L145xW67xH145 cm
Weight 73kg

Notes: The sound volume data are detected from 3m near, and will be verified in different surrounding areas.

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