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Portable Inverter Water Cooling Fan(UVC Light Optional)

Function Description
  • Power Emergency Stop
  • Power of Pump
  • Power of Fan
  • Fan Speed Regulator
    Variable Speed from 0 to Full Speed
  • UV-C Light
    Runs with the pump, instantly kill 99% of bacteria and remove the ordor in the water.
1. Portable Evaporative Cooler 100% Made in Taiwan. Owned ISO, CE and many certificates. Well sold around the world.
2. Portable Evaporative Cooler applicable to various sultry place.(ex. factory, cultivation industry, animal husbandry, restaurant, air-conditioned room, outdoor area…)
3. Portable Evaporative Cooler filter the dust and cool down the air by the water cycle inside.
4. Portable Evaporative Cooler lower the air conditioner consumption of electricity.
5. Portable Evaporative Cooler easy to clean and maintain. Wash it at least once a week can keep it clean.
6. Portable Evaporative Cooler connect the water inlet to a faucet with the hose we provide, the tank will fill automatically. Add some ice cube into the tank can enhance the cooling effect.
7. Portable Evaporative Cooler can go with the principle of high-intensity, high-energy UVC Light, its function is to quickly irradiation for 1 to 5 seconds to harms the micro-organisms of bacteria, fungi and viruses. The cooled air blown out by the device is clean, it is simple and easy operation, it also passed the SGS inspection test.

Compare the differences between the following three products

Product Features Water cooling fan Air conditioning Fan
Price Economy Expensive Cheap
Power consumption Low High Low
Requires installation No Yes No
Contains refrigerant No Yes No
The effectiveness of use in a high humidity environment Not good Good Good
Removable Yes No Yes
Regular maintenance Yes Yes No
Applicable environment Indoor and outdoor Indoor Indoor and outdoor
Product Details
Model M902-COOL
External Frame PE
Voltage 1∮110V, 50/60Hz
Fan Blades 18"3Nylon6+Fiber
Motor 1/3HP
Inverter 0.75HP
Speed (Max.) 1380RPM(Varable)
Swinging Shutters O
Cooling Capacity 120 m2/1292 s.f.
Airflow 14000 CMH,
8246 CFM
Water Reservoir 60L /16G
Weight 45kg/99lbs
Dimensions(HxWxD) 51"x29"x20"
Current(Max.) 6.1A±10% 
Power Consump.(Max.) 510W/H±10%

Notes: The sound volume data are detected from 3m near, and will be verified in different surrounding areas.

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UV-C Light Featur

UV-C Light vs other Sterilization method

  UVC Chlorine Ozone
Sterilization Method Physical Chemistry Chemistry
Sterilization Effect Excellent Good Instability
Sterilization Time 1-5 Sec. 25-45 Min. 5-10 Min.
Human hazard Low Medium High
Toxic substances Residue None Yes Yes
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