How to Cleaning my Water Cooling Fan

Basic Cleaning and Maintenance Step

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Step 1: Shut Down the Power:

Before starting the cleaning process, please unplug the water cooling fan.

Step 2: Open the Drain

Unclog the drain at the bottom, and let the water comes out.

Step 3: Wash the Cooling Pad

Cooling Pads should be washed regularly. Dusts will attached to the cooling pads while use and decrease cooling capacity. Rinse the cooling pad and wash it with soft brush at least once a week.

Step 4: Open the Ice Cube Inlet Door

Take a look of the tank and make sure it is clean.

Step 5: Wipe the Water Cooling Fan

Wipe it with wet rag.

Step 6: Fill the Tank

Fill the tank with clean water, plug in, start the fan, and enjoy the coolness.

☆ Before storing your water cooling fan, make sure clean it and make sure no water stay in the fan. Water left in the cooling pads will make it turn moldy, and keep using it will harm your health. After washing your water cooling fan, turn only the fan power on for 1-2 hours can help it dry quickly.


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