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14" Blades

  • Economical : High efficiency motor, quiet and power saving.
  • Comfortable : 4 speeds option for you to decide.
  • Comfortable : 4 speeds option for you to decide.
  • Power Saving : Enhancing air circulation, lessen AC bill.
  • Easy Cleaning : Neat design and less dust attached.


Product Details
Model Y14AC
Ceiling Height Height<2.2M
Applicable Place Office, home, school
Noise value
low/medium/high speed
Voltage 110V or 220V
Power Consumption
low/medium/high speed

Notes: The sound volume data are detected from 3m near, and will be verified in different surrounding areas. Fan turntable : AC+4.5W、DC+4W/HR, Optional: medium speed start、timer (2.4.6 hours),Inlet duct for 8"/10" pipe.

Remote Control Instructions
  • The speed is divided into high, medium and low speed,
    and there is also a natural wind mode. 
  • The wind deflector can be turned on (loop) or off (fixed point).
  • The power supply of the remote control is No. 4 1.5VX2.
    Please follow the turntable switch and follow the icon in
    the battery slot for the installation method.
  • If you do not use it for a long time, please be sure to remove
    the battery to avoid damage to the remote control.Turn off the power
  • After replacing the used battery, please do a good job of recycling it

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