Company profile

MING LUN Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. who has accumulated decades of experience in manufacturing motors and incorporates state-of-the-art facilities and technology from overseas to dedicate itself to the production of motors for industrial use, also established Ya Suh Dar Ventilation Co., Ltd. to be devoted to the R&D and manufacture of cooling, ventilating equipment and eco-friendly air-conditioning system. The Company’s products have been exported globally, whilst it also manufactures for many clients, both in Taiwan and overseas, on OEM and OEM basis. These products have exhibited compelling competitive edge in the market for their fast upgrade of quality and functions.
The ISO9001-conforming process has been UL, CE and Taiwan CNS certified as well as verified with test by the Energy Laboratory of ITRI, Taiwan, which safeguards the quality for our clients. Our products are entirely developed and produced in Taiwan, with quality assured and service following through.

Ya Suh Dar operates in good faith. While we serve our clients by innovation and upgrade of product quality, the Company also fulfills its responsibility for environmental protection, energy conservation and quality working environment, toward the goal of sustainable operation.